Why do this?

Soon after Parker was diagnosed, I felt a strong urge to document the days and months ahead. I cannot explain it. We have always lived private lives with close circles of family and friends. Neither of us thrive on the type of attention that comes with sharing intimate details of ourselves or our children into the ether. But we now face something so much larger than us. So dark. So scary, and so unknown. So ridiculously screwed up.

Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) is a nightmare for every parent on this planet. It's a grouping of words you never want to hear a doctor utter in your direction. And it's a relatively unknown term. It's effects are devastating, irreversible, life changing. It has been only two weeks and we are already feeling this mixture of emotion.

So, why do this? Because Parker. Because F cancer, because DIPG deserves more attention. Because love, and all the support we have already received. Maybe if we can share this with others, in some small way it makes this all feel just a little less raw. Be strong or be consumed.

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 Zion National Park - March 2015

Zion National Park - March 2015