Today Parker underwent his first, and hopefully last, operating room procedure. He was scared but incredibly brave. Jennifer stayed with him during sedation to comfort him as much as possible.

All of the doctors, nurses, and support staff at Rady Children's are amazing. We truly believe we are receiving the best care for this disease available in the world. The biopsy was performed by a neurosurgeon equipped with the latest in CT guided robot tech. Parker is the fourth patient to use the machine since it was acquired here.

Tissue samples were collected and are being sent for sequencing and analysis. The results will provide more insight into his specific cancer: how it is similar or different to other DIPG patients, are there any weaknesses in its genetic code, etc. All of this is to help us understand a little more. Knowledge is power, and cancer, as we have discovered, makes you feel powerless. So yes, go ahead and pour us a cup of biopsy results and let us savor the small victory for just a moment.


November 24, 2015 - Silly Parker